Why Insulate?

Good insulation will prevent heat from traveling through the roof and walls, thus the building temperature can be kept comfortable with much less heating and cooling energy. Therefore the inside of the building remains relatively cooler than the hotter outside environment,and on a cold night or during winter, the majority of heat that is inside the house will remain trapped by the insulation barrier, thus keeping the building warm.

On a hot day, like most typical Wyoming days during the period from May till September, roof and walls exposed to the sun without insulation will start to absorb heat from outside the building. The roof will become hotter and hotter, and will start to emit this heat in the building, which will result hotter environment within the building.

Heat always travels from the hotter area towards the colder area. The only way to stop this process is through good insulation. In a house with insulation, heat flow through the ceiling and walls is vastly limited, depending on the thermal conductivity of the material installed.

Insulation serves as a thermal barrier around your home. It protects your home envelope, serving as a boundary between the air inside and the hot or cold air outside. When breaches in that barrier occur, your building’s comfort is compromised.

About 40% of feeling comfortable is attributed to the level of radiant heat exchange between your body and your surroundings. Proper insulation cuts down on this exchange of radiant heat, which makes your home—and you—much more comfortable. Insulation ensures that conditioned air stays in, and the weather stays out.